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I have a K7 Master motherboard, and I've heard that it's best to put your SB Live in the 3rd PCI since that slot doesn't share IRQs, yet everytime I load win2k and check the resources for my sound card it's sharing with another 5 devives, and I've noticed IRQ 5 is not being used at all. I am having probs with my Sound Blaster and I'm trying to resolve the problem, but I think I need to learn a bit more about IRQ's and stuff.

Sound Blaster's use IRQ5 don't they? And what's the deal with setting certain IRQs as legacy/ISA in the BIOS.

I hope someone can help out maybe even how to change resource settings in Win2000, I used to remember it working in win98 but ....actually on some hardware you can change the setting but others you can't.

I'm finding that PCI cards resources can't be changed from Device Manager, however other stuff like onboard USB ports, and com ports can be changed!! What's the deal, I'm really confused, Can anyone explain or help?


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  1. If you reserve IRQ5 in BIOS, windows SHOULD automatically put your SB16 emulation (for DOS based programs) on it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Here's a link that should get you started:

    <A HREF=";EN-US;q252420" target="_new">;EN-US;q252420</A>


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  3. I think this is because of ACPI, which sets the IRQ's
    If you don't use your COM or LPT ports you can disable them to free some IRQ's. That worked to get my SB Live! working without sharing an IRQ with devices that can cause problems.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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