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PS3 controller on PC bug fix?

Hi, i linked up my PS3 controller using 3rd party drivers to my PC for gaming.

all buttons work fine, including D-pad.

however, the analog sticks will not work.

there is not a place in the calibration sequence for sticks, it would appear that they cant be used. but i have seen them used on multiple games, I have tried it on Portal 2 and Black ops, same problem for both. i have seen it being done on both games so I know its possible.

can anyone recommend a bug fix?

thanks in advance!
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    thumb sticks have to be configured as joysticks in game controllers (control panel IIRC)

    plus the 3rd party adapter you got and its drivers supposed to support them first, if they don't the pc won't even see the inputs

    on a side note, if you're new to PC gaming, you should learn to play fps games on mouse + keyboard
  2. i see, thank you. i do use keyboard and mouse some, but dont like it much personally. on the other hand, i have over 60 days of muscle-log time in with a ps3 controller, so it is much more natural.
  3. What program did you use to set up the ps3 controller to the pc? I am looking to do this myself.
  4. motionjoy DS3 tool. still no luck with the analog sticks. i dont think its the program though.
  5. I have good luck with analog sticks on my pc playing Just Cause 2 using motionjoy.
  6. I think it is my bluetooth adapter, although im not sure how it could only half work. buttons work fine. it is the only variable i have not changed and ruled out.
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