Snow Leopard and File Locking on Windows Server 2003 Shares

My company have the simple workgroup network that work with Mac OS 9 , iMac (10.2.x, 10.4.x & 10.6.x) & PC that mount the windows 2003 server for working. It is just the simple file security let all users can read & write the files & folders.

We find that after we purchasing 10.6.x iMac, sometime users complain that they cannot rename files or folders. After technical staff check the server they see the session is used by other 10.6.x user & need waiting technical staff to close the session on the server.

I have the simple test ( on screen cap M36-IMAC running 10.4.11 & running 10.6.8):

two are using SMB protocol

server path is E:\testingShare\closing_test

Just open one file and then close that. I find 10.4.11 iMac will not open files on server but 10.6.8 also have 2 open files

And check Open Files that said 10.6.6 user open the shared root and sub-folder

It is also one mysterious thing is sometime we check server check the iMac 10.6.6 that shutdown also have the session on server.
Do any one have same issue and can give the solution to fix?
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  1. On the 10.6 machine, what program are you using to open the test file?
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