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I tried to saparate the Video IRQ, from MPU 401/MMedia and unable to do so. Does anyone know how to assign a separate IRQ to Video? It seems that they are designed to share the same IRQ??? I have IRQ 3, 5, 9 available.
Can the board be moded. to achive this? Thanks, TV
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  1. You have to disable ACPI.

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  2. You have to disable ACPI. Note: Sharing IRQ's shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't worry about it unless you're having a problem.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  3. Hi.
    Ihave a problem with Sound, when shared. I tried to disable ACPI, but they seem to be on the same Slot. Ifyou get another IRQ they will all get the same one. PPD?? Poor design. The Video/AGP should have the ability to get it's own IRQ. Any more ideas? TV
  4. Try to switch the cards in the PCI slots with eachother, often PCI slot 1 and the AGP slot share IRQ's.

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  5. Hi.
    This is the on board sound and the AGP slot. I cannot move anything. Any other ideas? I would think someone else would have run into this. If I cannot separate them I have to get another board. This is a very poor setup. Thanks. TV
  6. What OS are you using? If you are using Win XP, then don't worry about the IRQ sharing. I am using the onboard sound, which shares an IRQ with the video card, and have absolutely no problems with lockups. Under Win 2000 and XP, devices for the most part do not have problems sharing IRQ's.

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  7. Look in your BIOS if there is some menu which is called like 'PNP/PCI Configurations'. If you have such a menu you probably can specify tha IRQ number of the onboard sound, check if your manual says something about PNP/PCI configuration.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  8. Hi.
    Yes I do have PNP/PCI Config. Here is what it looks like:
    PNP OS installed NO
    Rest config. Data Disabled

    Resources Ctrled. By Manual Was (Auto)
    xIRQ resources Press Enter

    PCI/VGA palette snoop Disabled

    Assign IRQ for VGA Enabled
    Assign IRQ for USB Enabled

    **INT Pin1 Assignment 5 This should be PCI1?AGP??
    INT Pin2 Assignment Auto
    INT Pin3 Assignment Auto
    INT Pin4 Assignment Auto

    At the ** is where I tried to assign IRQ 5 to PCI slot 1 ?? which is tied to AGP and in this case may also be the on board Sound. I am afraid that they are hardwired like PCI1/GAP slot1, if that is the case I may not be able to separate them. Any other Ideas? Thanks TV
  9. First set PNP OS installed to YES, now Windows can assign the IRQ itself.

    You have to look in the manual which devices are connected with INT pin 1, 2, etc. I think it's not the order of the PCI slot (for my mobo it isn't).

    But maybe setting PNP OC to YES already fixes the problem.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  10. Hi.
    I tried PNP OS- Yes also, and it alocated IRQ 11 to all of them and I had a Firewire card in the last slot and it alocated IRQ 11 to it also. I moved it to PCI slot2 and got it on IRQ5. I still have IRQ 7 and 9 free.
    I think they may be hardwired. If that is true it would be serious design flaw.
    If I find something I will let you all know. In the mean time I would stay clear of SOYO Dragon+. Thanks. TV
  11. Quote:
    I think they may be hardwired. If that is true it would be serious design flaw.
    If I find something I will let you all know. In the mean time I would stay clear of SOYO Dragon+. Thanks. TV

    comware, I'll say it again. <b>YOU HAVE ACPI ENABLED!</b> Almost all boards do this nowadays. Don't go bad mouthing something just because you don't understand it. Now, like I said before in 99% of cases there is no reason to disable it. Unless you are having serious problems it works fine. IRQ sharing is totally acceptable with ACPI.

    Question: Have you flashed to the latest BIOS rev?

    Question: Have you upgraded your video drivers to the latest rev for the OS you're running? Have you upgraded your onboard sound drivers as well (from the Soyo website)? And any other ones, like NIC?

    Question: What exactly is your sound problem? Just assuming that running with ACPI disabled (i.e. no IRQ sharing) will fix it might not be a correct assumption. Also, what video card are you running?

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  12. I agree with Jlanka. Don't go badmouthing something when you don't know what's wrong yet! I have a suggestion for you.

    If you got a NIC (Network card) and you don't need it to run your computer i suggest removing it to see what happens.

    When running ACPI computers with shared IRQ's the NIC absolutely have to be ACPI compatible. My SB Live! got totally screwed up when I bought the Asus A7V266 (not Asus A7V266-E) and put in my Realmagic MPEG Card, Network Adapter and SB Live Platinum 5.1. It worked fine under Windows 98 but definetly not under W2K. The sound was all choppy with strange "piips", clicks and crackles even when i clicked and icon in the Windows Explorer. My computer even crashed sometimes in games.

    I started doing research on the shared IRQ feature and ACPI in W2K, I read a lot of posts here on THG and other sites using "ACPI" as search word. I found that all cards in both AGP and PCI slots had to be compatible with ACPI. I checked my NIC's manual and not a single word about ACPI. I looked at random internet shops and stumbled over a shop which had a "Noname ACPI compatible Network Adapter" for just around 12$. I ordered, got it, installed it and to my surprise all the problems was gone...

    When I checked the new NIC i found that the chip on the card had the same name and modelname as the old one.
    Can anyone explain if the ACPI feature is somewhere else on the card or if the ACPI feature on my old just had not been enabled???

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
  13. Good try Jond, but Dragon Plus has an integrated NIC. Only expansion board on the whole thing is video.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  14. well i can say from experience ive had similar problems with soyo boards. i currently run on a k7vta-b, that does not handle irq sharing well...even with acpi turned off. but i recently purchased a dragon + since i heard such good things, i thought i would give soyo another try....well after sending out 2 rma's on boards that were doa....i got one that would boot, but unfortunately, it was unstable and would crash about every 5 minutes, so i took that one back and gave up. not to say all of the dragon boards are bad, but every company has its fair share of defects. and i have read around, that there have been some issues with the early released dragon +'s. dont know if its true or not. but in anycase, thats just my 2 cents.
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