Poor performance with V-sync disabled

Hey , if just built my first rig and have played a few games on it so im kinda new with tech stuff but anyway,

With the exception of COD4:MW i have pretty noticable screen tearing and stuttering in most games, most recently SKYRIM, MW3 and Batman arkham city

im running at 1080p with this monitior http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236123
a gtx 580 1.5 oced to 800mhz
an intel i5 2500k at 3.3
and 8 gigs of ram

Im wondering why this issue is occurring, i get perfect performance with v sync on but obviously i cannot always get 60fps in every game.

Any help would be awesome, also i dont think its my GPU i had 2 gtx 460s in SLI prior to the 580 and the same issue occured
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  1. You can try different nvidia drivers to see if the tearing goes away. You are also using a 60Hz monitor so going over 60fps can cause tearing from your monitor not being able to keep up with your graphics. My advice is to keep your vsync on ;P
  2. Keep Vsync on. It's purpose is to keep your frame rate constant and help reduce screen tearing, amount other things. If you can't get 60FPS in every game, lower your graphic settings. A GTX580 won't run every modern game maxed out at 1080.
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