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Alright guys so I am running bf3 on my new system at 45 - 60 frames per second. There are sometimes large spikes which annoy the heck out of me, and i heard that some solutions are to either 1. download an fps limiter and limit the fps to 30 or 60, but i cant find one that supports dx11 only one that supports 8 or 9 and bf3 doesnt support 9. 2. limit the monitor refresh rate to 59hz, and i cant find a program that would let me do that. Could anyone make suggestions on what i should do? thanks.
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  1. just go onto you nvidia control panel, or the ati panel and limit fps there. can you list your system specs as the solution you are proposing may not solve your issue.
  2. What are your system specs?

    Make sure you turn off Anti Aliasing Deffered OFF. That is a real killer. You can also try setting the graphics to Auto, I've had really good luck with that and seems to work well for quite a few people. The game has points where it really churns your graphics card and turning back the settings so you have some "reserve power" is always a good idea. People are trying to top out their settings and when the action gets rough it starts bogging down.
  3. Thanks guys.
    i7 2600k
    sapphire hd radeon 6950 2gb
    8gb corsair vengeance
    and a 60 hz monitor...
    should i be getting higher than 45 - 60 fps? it seems to mostly be 45 - 50 in open areas but i feel li9ke my system could do better than that..
  4. What settings are you running? I would assume High, NOT Ultra.
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