Battlefield 3 stuttering


I am getting a solid FPS in BF3 (minimum is 35) with my system, but very often the game would freeze for a fraction of a second. In the skies (with jets) I get 60 FPS. But that freezing problem ruins the experience.

My system:

2GB 667Mhz DDR2 (upgrading to 8GB DDR3 soon)
GTS 250 1GB

Using Low/Off settings, res 1280x800.
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  1. errm 8gb of ddr3 won't fit on a ddr2 mobo. and you'll need to chnage from a 32bit to 64bit OS, that'll be a reinstalled there is no upgrade 32 to 64.

    no idea about your problem though, but don't want you to waste money on purchases that are not compatible.
  2. ^ nice catch. Yeah you can't use DDR3 on a Core2 system. They use DDR2. Also, you will want to make sure that you have a 64 bit version of windows to support more than 4GB of RAM.

    I think you may be hitting a RAM limit in your game. If it is using the page file it might cause the game to stutter while playing. BF3 requires at least Windows Vista to play and that or Windows 7 along needs about 2GB to run efficiently.
  3. Umm alright, some clarification. My mobo has both DDR2 slots and DDR3 slots, though it's not possible to use both simultaneously. I already ran 8GB of DDR3 on that mobo, just for testing (it wasn't my RAM so I don't have it anymore). Also, I am already running a 64 bit version of Windows 7.
  4. ok, so an asrock mobo dual vista yes? is the pci-e slot running at 8x only?
  5. 13thmonkey said:
    ok, so an asrock mobo dual vista yes? is the pci-e slot running at 8x only?

    Wut? Mobo is GA-P35C-DS3R. Running 64 bit Win 7. And why would the PCI-e slot run at an AGP speed?
  6. asrock also did a dual mobo that had pci-e and agp, but the pci-e slot was only x8 or maybe even x4 electrically but x16 physically.
  7. I also get the same stuttering even with more then solid fps as do many many other people using both Nvidia and AMD graphics
    I have not seen one true fix however it seems to be a well known problem
    my specs:
    i7 2600k
    flex edition 6950
    8gb G.skill @ 1600
    extreme3 gen3 mobo
  8. +1

    I too have this stutter problem every few seconds in Battlefield 3.

    If I stand still I can mouselook around perfectly smooth, the stutter only occurs while moving. The effect is magnified the faster I move i.e. in a vehicle.

    I can even see the spinning radar dish animations stutter every few seconds.

    I've tried countless rumoured fixes and resintalled Windows a couple of times to no effect.

    I got two games since October 28th where it didnt stutter, once after I manually setup a pagefile in Windows, and once after I manually updated Punkbuster, in each case the problem rapidly returned and those steps never worked again...

    I7 920,
    8GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz
    Club3D 6870x2 2GB
    Gigabyte EX-58 UD3R
  9. can the two people above with hyperthreading try turning it off? Have heard of good results on another thread.
  10. Already tried, hyperthreading, ISS, turbo, nothing makes a difference.
  11. I also turned off hyperthreading with no change in the stuttering.

    Last week I added an SSD to my system for Windows 7 + BF3. Since then I have intermittently gotten to play BF3 without stutter i.e. yesterday it worked fine, today its back to its usual stuttering.

    This game is a time vampire for all the wrong reasons, so far.
  12. I just installed it and ran it, making me nervous about my platform upgrade...
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