Skyrim CPU usage very low...


task manager is only showing <20% cpu usage on average when i run skyrim --- high everything ultra decals, fxaa, 12 distance fades, 4xaa/12xaf

my i930 is OC'd to 3.99ghz stable.
6gb ram
1gb 5850 slightly OC'd +45mhz core and +125mhz mem
running skyrim on an SSD..
vsync off, fps limited with enbseries mod

i use the 4GB mod and simple borderless window (supposedly compatible)


i have tried using task mgr to set priority to high, doesn't make much difference.

I want it to AT LEAST run at 40%, but i'm not even touching that...

ultra shadows do nothing but make the game unplayably stuttery.
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  1. Do you get good FPS?

    Skyrim tends to use only 2 threads, a 930 has 8 threads. That will effect the percentage of usage your system will show.

    Try turning down visual settings. If your CPU usage goes up, that would mean your 5850 is holding you back.

    You might want to check out the 11.11 beta drivers. 11.11c improves performance for the 5000 series Radeons for Skyrim.
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