Xbox Live will not work

Hello all, I've been trying to connect to Xbox Live lately and it absolutely will not connect.

The only clue that I have to what is going on is my Xbox keeps saying I have a static IP, when I don't believe I do. I use Hamachi for PC game servers, and I've never set a static IP for my router.

On the side of information, I've put all the correct info for the wireless connection. IP addres, WPA, Default Gateway, Subnet ect is all there, and all correct.

I hope that's a good start, if you need more info just ask.
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  1. Is this for PC or Xbox?

    If the latter; there are lots of troubleshooting pages on the M$ website:
  2. Xbox, why would you ask? Also, Microsoft's support pages suck.
  3. Why? because there is a windows live and an xbox live (both for games and I've never had an issue with the former)

    Did you even look at and try the stuff in the link I posted for you? It fixed my problem when I had a static IP issue.
  4. You say all the information you put in was correct. If you manually entered anything other than the security information then you did in fact set it up as Static, otherwise you would have chose the automatic option when setting up the network on the Xbox and would only have had to enter the routers security info.
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