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Hey Everyone. I've tried this on the VIA forums but they probably seem to ignore my question :-( so here goes another try:

I've got a Asus CUV4X-E (Apollo Pro Chipset) and ever since I upgraded from a GF2-GTS to a GF3-TI500 I get lockups on AGP4X. I read in the forums at VIA that there are lots of problems with this VIA and AGP4X combination. Their solution was to run everything at AGP2X (doh, let's buy a ferrari and go drive 10 mph.. yeah right). Anyway, here's my question: does any of you have any problems using AGP4X on "recent" VIA chipsets?

I'm planning to buy a complete system (price doesnt really matter, but I aint on a buying-spree though) and basically I'm scared as hell to buy another VIA chipset after this. Anyone wants to share some thoughts on a complete system layout (except the videocard, using the TI500 in the new system).

Thx all, Peace!

Success is basically nothing but overcoming the fear of faillure.
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  1. Forget your Via Apollo thingies.
    Just sell your VIA system and buy/build a system based on the SiS735 chipset...or better yet, SiS' new 745 chipset that uses DDR333 (PC2700)memory. Hmmm...even the Ali Magik-C looks promising!

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  2. Hey B,
    Are you going to build it yourself, or have someone or company build it for you? What do you use your system for? Are you going to Over-Clock it? How much $ is worth price over performance? What CPU do you want this system based on? Why would you believe someone on this forum and not your system builder's advice? To give you a good answer to your question, why not just ask who is happy with their system and what they do with it? To get a great answer, most people are going to need a little more information. For example, if all you do is email and web surf, 2X AGP is more than enough and you will not see much difference going to 4X AGP. That and most chat boards are divided pro Intel/anti AMD or pro AMD/anti Intel. It's good that you have a Video card, but also pick a CPU platform.
    Peace Out...........tile

  3. Your chipset has performance issues not even relating to AGP4x. If you want a new platform for your current processor, choose an i815 with the newer stepping for Taulatins, which gives you room to upgrade.

    If your thinking about a switch to AMD, Leadtek makes a nice SiS 735 chipset motherboard, and Iwill make the XP333-R with the ALi MAGiK 1 Revision "C".

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  4. Thx. for the info so far guys, I was thinking of a SIS chipset too. Yes, I'm building the PC myself (I've been builing and repairing systems for a job for over 4 years now anyway so another one at home wouldn't be a hard thing to do..).

    I've had mostly Asus boards so far so if it's possible I'd like my new one to be just as good or better (can't just throw away my iPanel like that ;-)

    I play unreal most of the time (bigtime 3D gamer) so the system has to be fast and stable. All I really need is a fast CPU, a mainboard and lots of memory. Don't care what it costs. Ah... i'm both an AMD or Intel CPU user (doesn't really matter to me as long as it works fine) though I prefer my Intel systems...

    Anyone has more suggestions click da reply button anytime :)

    Success is basically nothing but overcoming the fear of faillure.
  5. The best performing chipset is Via's kt266A. The Epox 8kha+ and the Soyo Dragon+(whatever) are the top boards out there. Mostly you are talking about a very small performance difference, but those are technically the top performers. Most posters I've seen have not had any problems with the epox board. It also depends on the features you want. The epox is great for OC'ing, but the only extra you get is crappy sound. The Soyo has a lot of extras but costs more. Depends on what you want.

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  6. Hey B,
    My idea of the truth is, wait until Intel comes out with their new P4(Norwood, I think) and Rambus with their newest RD-Ram........... and call up all your dead presidents. Of course while you are waiting, check out the reviews on the AMD "Hammer" line. If you plan on "Tweaking" , I would switch to the over-clocking boards to listen to their responses, on what mobo and cpu to go with. If you never want to Tweak, and you have the cash to burn, why not make it easy on everyone and get whatever is the fastest Intel cpu at the time of purchase and the most Rambus that will max out the mobo slots and be done with it. If today is the day that you plan to buy everything, I would get a AMD Athlon XP 1900+, a Abit KR7A-Raid or a MSI K7T266 PRO2-RU(both using the Via KT266A chipset thingie), 1024 mb of OCZ or Cosair PC2400 DDR, a OCZ Goliath HSF, a Enermax EG651P-VE 550 watt P/S, and 4 fast HDD's...... and start tweaking! Just my take on things today, but the future is even brighter for Intel, AMD and all of us.
    Peace Out............tile
    P.S. I'm running a Athlon XP 1700+, EPoX 8KHA+, OCZ Goliath HSF(very heavy and loud, but very cool), 3x 256mb of OCZ PC2400 DDR and a seriously modified 10 fan 500 watt case.

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