Trine 2 (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K] Video

Trine 2 is a puzzle platformer that can be played in Co-Op for up to 3 people, the game does render correctly to horizontal plus but unfortunately the menu, HUD and cutscreens are all stretched. I have an extended version but that won't be ready till tomorrow. Once again if your monitors width is larger than 1920 pixels and you have lots of bandwidth, set the quality to original and play the video in full screen for a much higher quality.

Direct Video Link: Trine 2 (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
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Copy paste of video description:

Trine 2 on the PC, Original resolution was 5040x1050 aspect ratio of (48:10). If you are running a resolution with a width higher then 1920 (30\'\' monitor or multi monitor) set quality to original and view in fullscreen.

This video shows gameplay from start, to the end of the prologue level. The video contains my normal annotations.
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