Overclocking PIII 750 on 440BX

I upgraded my beloved Celeron 300A to a PIII 750Mhz cpu. I want to overclock the 750Mhz. Any recommendations here? I mean now my FSB is at 100Mhz, and the AGP is at 2/3 of 100 = 66Mhz. I just don't think I'll be able to get very far overclocking because the video card won't be able to handle it.

Any recommendations? Here's the setup:

Asus P2B-F
PIII 750
V7700 GeForce 2MX400
384 Mb PC133. (actually, 1 128Mb stick I believe is only PC100)
SB Live! value
LinkSys 10/100 Fast Ethernet

Maybe I should just try bumping up the FSB...any takers?

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  1. Try running the FSB at 133, but you should remove the PC100 Mem first. If you can get it stable, then you can try to add the PC100 mem and see if that works. The PIII 700 usually easily overclocks to 933 doing that, so you could get 1 Ghz perhaps. Your vid-card should handle it fine.

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  2. If I run the FSB at 133, then the AGP would be set to 89MHz. I don't thing the video card will run at this speed. I'm using the 440BX mobo, which only allows the AGP bus speed to be set to either 1:1 or 2:3 FSB. You still think its possible?

    Thanks for the post. I just don't want to fry the video card (Asus V7100, GeF 2 MX400)

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  3. Oh one more thing...I don't thing the PCI devices will run this high either. I have a 10/100 NIC and a SB Live!

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  4. I've oc'ed a BX up to 145. Radeon gfx granted. SB Live!. PC-133 mem.

    AGP and PCI were running at 97MHz & 36.25MHz respectively.

    Try it.

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  5. HOLY SHHHHhhhnickey's! Man you've GOT to be kidding! What kind of HSF combo do you use? I've got stock on mine so I don't think I'll be able to go that high...but at least I know I can probably squeeze another 50-100Mhz out.

    D**M dude! If I could set the FSB to ~140 my 750PIII will be able to cruise along at >1000Mhz!!!

    I hope you aren't getting me excited for nothing!

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  6. 1 more thing. I don't have any hardware monitoring, so I'm concerned about overheating. In your opinion, what is the highest I should go? Guess I could use the "finger burn test, LOL"

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  7. Bad news. I couldn't even make it to 115Mhz FSB. Dang, I really had my hopes up. It posted fine, but then before the Windows Splash screen a cursor just blinked and nothing happened. So I backed it back down to 110.

    I felt the heat sink on my processor, and it didn't feel very hot. My guess is one of the PCI devices...you think so to?

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  8. Oooops!

    Just realised. I should have said.

    133MHz CPU.


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  9. My old ATI video card works fine at 89 MHz AGP, max data transfer rate 2x.
    As I know, all newer GeForce are very good at 89 MHz.

    My PC-133 set to CAS2, my 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100Mb TX Ethernet NIC and US Robotics dial-up modem are just perfect at 36 MHz on my overclocked 440BX Abit BH6.
  10. Is it a Socket 370 PIII on a Slotket, or a Slot 1 "SECC2" CPU?
    The 750 wasn't quite the overclocker that the 700 was, but with luck and enough voltage it might hit 1GHz. You should raise your core voltage to 1.85v FIRST, then set your bus speed to 133/33. Jumping straight to 133/33 means you can bypas overclocking the PCI bus, because this setting uses the 1/4 divider for PCI.
    Your video card can easily handle 89MHz, your CPU is the weekest link, unless your 1 stick of RAM really is PC100.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. Hey guys take a look at this page:

    Has a very enlighting table about a variety of older graphic cards and how high their AGP bus can be overclocked.
  12. It's a Slot 1, SECC2 CPU. I don't think I can set 133/33. I mean I can set the FSB to 133, but I don't think I can control the PCI bus to 1/4 the FSB. The only thing I can change is the FSB (up to 145 I think), and the AGP bus. The AGP bus can be set to 2/3 or 1/1 the FSB. I believe the PCI bus is sets automatically either to 1/2 or 1/3 of FSB.

    Let me dig out the ol' manual here...brb

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  13. Well, it depends on what board rev is your P2B-F (it should be 1.03 or later), later revisions supported many steps between 112 tp 133, previous revs jumped from 112->133.

    Not that it wont work, but you have finer settings to try out, else you would be stuck at 112 and wouldnt know if your system works at 125!

    Anyway, you also have lower AGP ratios on newer board rev, so that should cover the AGP oc problem, but I guess your GF2MX shouldnt have any problem with 89 MHz.

    BTW first remove that PC100 stick and work just with the 133 MHz DIMMS you have for the time being. You have a CPU with multiplier of 7.5, and your first step of 110 gave 825 MHz, good start!

    Now try higher settings, but first checkout the board rev! If it isnt 1.03, its difficult, 112 to 133 is too high a jump.


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  14. Quote:
    Hey guys take a look at this page:
    <A HREF="http://www.rolotech.com/reviews/videocard/Overclocking/choose_videocard/videocard_oclk_p3.htm" target="_new">http://www.rolotech.com/reviews/videocard/Overclocking/choose_videocard/videocard_oclk_p3.htm</A>

    Thought I'd just make the link (too lazy I guess)

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  15. Do I have to check the motherboard itself for the revision? Or can I get it through the BIOS? The manual says 1.02. IF it is 1.02, you think I'm stuck?

    I already removed the PC100 stick. So now I'm working with 256 Mb PC133 only (1 stick)

    It doesn't look like I can adjust the PCI frequency. I guess I'm stuck with the 110Mhz FSB. I really think it's the PCI bus slowing things down. And I'm really concerned about bumping up the Vcore because I can't monitor my temps.

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  16. I'm still checking for the motherboard revision. I did (re)discover that I can't change the VCORE setting :(.

    I kept looking for the 1/4 PCI divider because everywhere I've read says the P2B-F has it. But mine doesn't! What it appears to do is adjust it according to the FSB selection. So I may be able to actually run at 124Mhz, but not 112Mhz! At 112Mhz, my PCI bus is running at 37.33Mhz, but at 124Mhz, it is back to 33Mhz!

    I'm going to try this now. I'll fill ya' in later.

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  17. Well, that's it...no good guys. I set the FSB to 133Mhz, to see if the PCI bus speed is the problem (PCI is set to 33Mhz at this FSB). It didn't even POST. I guess 826Mhz is as good as it is going to get.

    So it's either the CPU (can't increase the VCORE), or the videocard (no 1/2 AGP setting)....what a bummer!!!

    Thanks for the help guys.
    Anymore suggestions?

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  18. You'll have to look up the spec on Intel's site, there should be a voltage chart showing which pins give what voltages. You can cover a pin to raise the voltage to 2.05v, but it will probably be closer to 2.0v with your power supply.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  19. So this requires some soldering? Hmm...I don't know if its worth the risk right now...tempting though.

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