Headset for Nokia 6015i - 3 connecttor? 4? Data port?

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I purchased the 6015i recently, and am a little confused as to what
headset to look for. Here's why:

- The Nokia accessory page shows all headsets with the proprietary data
port connector.

- The Shure website says I can use the 3-connector QTS-3 with Just
Wireless part# 07142, or Belkin part# F8V9020-CNCT as adapters, both of
which plug into the data port at the base

- I plugged in my Etymotic headset into the only 2.5mm headset jack I
could find on the phone (on the side), it's a 3-connector standard, and
it works fine.

- Shure says the QTS-4, with the 4-connector plug, is designed to work
with the Nokia phones.

So, I know the 3-connector regular jack works fine, I would really like
to know if I get something extra with the 4-connector 2.5mm jack, or if
it's not compatible at all. Or, on the other hand, if I gain anything
if I use the data port connector instead.

Thanks in advance! If I find anything on my own, I'll post it on this
thread, to make it easy for others in the future.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?)

    Thanks, Advanspec - that's precisely the information I was looking for!
  2. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?)

    The Nokia 6015i accepts either the "normal" ("non-Nokia") 2.5 mm headsets,
    which plug into the side, or the Nokia brand proprietary headsets (ones that
    are for 6015i's), that plug into the bottom multi terminal port.
    The older "nokia Only" 2.5mm headsets were for some older Nokia models, &
    are Not compatible with the newer Nokias, which now use the "regular" standard
    2.5mm plug.......
  3. i have purchased recenlty nokia 6015i cdma phone to use internet servies i have with data cable CA 42 i have sucessfully installed the cable driver pl2303 for usb serial works fine then i installed modem driver cdma 3g on the same port the probme is when i connect everything seem fine but the speed is too sllow i cant see any web page for hours i also recieve erorr on the receieving bytes section when i check the status plz help me i have checked every possible way downloeded the related pc suit 6.84 it connect the phone but founds no modem there plz tell me whether it's cable problem i have contacted the service provider they say every thing is fine from there side
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