Epox Mobo and Athlon XP

Hi, I need some help. I just built a Athlon XP system using a Epox EP-8KHA+ motherboard. I don't really know that much about how to setup the BIOS and I need the best performance out of my system for online gaming. My previous system was a A7V running a Athlon Thunderbird 950. One thing I noticed is that the mouse seemed much more responsive on my Thunderbird. Not only in Windows but also in my game. I'm running Return to Castle Wolfenstein and I'm using a Logitech Wingman Gaming mouse. Logitech says that WinXp fully supports it and Windows did recogize it right away. Anyway, any thoughts on the mouse issue and what should I do in the Bios to have my system running in tip top shape. THanks.
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