Bus speed on GA-7VTXH question...

Question about overclocking my Gigabyte motherboard.

I can go into the bios and change the bus speed from jumper to 143. So then I save and exit, and sure enough my machine comes up at 1500 Mhz(using a xp 1600+). But then if i reboot, it goes back to the jumper setting, therefore, putting it back at 1400 Mhz. I have the jumper on the board set to 133 instead of 100 of course. Is this overriding my bios settings?? Do you need to pull the jumper off completely?? I'm a little confused on this, anyhelp please ;-)
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  1. your oc is not supported so there is a go back
    try under

    EasyInfo :cool:
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  2. Here's the deal with Gigabyte on this board. You cannot overclock it via the bios settings. The bus speed will be reset no matter what you put in it.

    Basically you need to use EasyTuneIII software that comes with it. You can set that to any clock speed you want and then hit go. If the system seems stable to you, then you can click save. There is also a small circle to the upper left of that software window. You need to click that, that is like a super advance window. Then in there you will see an option to click "Auto overclock on reboot?". If you click that, then your system will overclock at time of reboot into windows.

    I've basically tested this now and it works just fine. The only downfall is a 10 or 11 mb process running all of the time. I basically have 512mb of memory so it doesn't phase me. But if you have only 128 or 256, maybe it may bother you if you are overclocking.

    Now that i've figured this out, my processor is screaming and so is my memory ;-)
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