Max Payne 3 - Excited and Disappointed

After years of delay, Rockstar promises to release Max Payne 3 on March 2012. A game trailer is already out and so far it looks good but there are still details that might not satisfy Max Payne Fans.

First is the old, bald and fat Max. I think one of the reasons for the delay in the release of the game is that when the 1st image of Max was released back in 2009, there was a lot of negative reactions from the fans. Gone were the leather jacket, the slick black hair and the action hero look. What we have is a fat, bald and bearded guy that doesnt look like Max. Some of the comments were like "WTF! this is not Max Payne." But the developers made some adjustments and gave us some screenshots of Max with hair and back in leather jacket. Though based on the trailer, he still shaves his hair when he moved to Brazil.

Another is the setting of the game. We are used to the Noir style theme of the previous games. Max is suppose to be in a dark, snowy alleys of the city where the sun never shines. But now hes in the summer heat of Sao Paulo Brazil. Some comments that Ive read said that Sao Paulo doesnt look like whats portrayed in the game that its closer to the feel of a bustling city rather than a summer vaction spot. Sao Paulo could have been an appropriate place for a Max Payne game if portrayed correctly.

I was actually thinking that it would be a good idea if the developers created an origin story. A game set when Max was still a detective, before his family was killed. The story could set up how Max got intangled with Aesir Corporation and to show that Aesir really hired thugs to kill Maxs family, Or they could also create a Chronicles game. Like one of the MODS released. The story of what happened between Max Payne 1 and 2.

All in all, based on what we have right now with the screenshot and the trailer, it still looks good for a third person action shooter, not just a Max Payne game. Though Im still keeping my fingers crossed till I play the actual game.

Any thoughts??
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  1. new max payne looks promising. imo new max looks like denzel washington's character from 'man on fire' or bryan cranston's character from 'breaking bad'. :)
    i liked previous versions. they were easy to play with the pc.
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