Why cant i look at my skyrim data files

i want to use the mod to make arrows but it wont let me look at my data files on the start up screen, so what do i do?
( i am not really a computer expert)
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  1. i see that

    well if your not an expert then try im gonna make it really simple for you this is where your data files should be:
    go into my computer
    your local disc (should be C)
    program files(x86)
    then i think you should see common(im not in my gaming computer xD)
    then skyrim
    then you should be really close from your data folder.......(but there might be one more folder to open, keep in mind to not delete anything ;) jk

    (im 30 minutes from my gaming rig, send me a message if you dot find it)

    then if you do find it thats where you should extract the mod folders you got

    *****before doing ANYTHING to this file i recomand you to copy it and past it in a nother folder like your destop(back up) cuss if you got problems thats your back up, i had to download the game cuss i dint back it up...... but it was more then a mod what i did......*****
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