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BF3 Dilemma

Trying to get some parts together to play on a 1920x1080 monitor. Keep in mind that I have a low budget, so 2500k and 6950/gtx 560 ti will bust that budget.

will an i3 2100 and 6950 1gb or gtx 560ti perform better than i5 with 6850?

As I understand it, the 2100 wouldn't be able to keep up with large maps and 64 players. On the other hand, will a 6850 give decent gameplay at 1920x1080?
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  1. 6950 will give you all high settings to get solid 60+fps
    6850: mostly mid, some high
  2. Would a 6870 push it more into the high settings over mid?

    How would an i3 perform in this game, specifically 64 player huge maps..
  3. Tell us your budget, and exactly what you need to buy?
  4. I already have a thread about that:

    I was just wondering if an i3 2100 could keep up with BF3 or bottleneck a 560ti or 6950. In single player it probably could, but multiplayer?
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    From what I recall about the tests on CPU overclocking in conjunction with Battlefield 3, there was very little difference between dual cores and quad cores in general.

    It MIGHT suffer a little on the 64 player maps, occasionally, as do most cpu's. What you're really looking for is something with the ability to overclock to a decent speed.

    BF3 seemed to break the trend of a lot of recent games in that it didn't improve a lot with better CPU's, and even overclocking had little measurable improvements in fps. All of that said, I would be remiss not to overall recommend the i5-2500k instead, since price per performance it beats everything out there pretty handily, it's a stable overclocker for other games and futureproofing, and it's 4 cores which matters in some games now and might matter more in the near future.

    That is the general impression I got from the data regarding CPU's and BF3 as it stands now.
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  7. Thanks that solved my concerns.
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