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I have a Athlon 550 on a K7M motherboard w/ 512Mb ram. The documentation for the K7M says to only upgrade the bios if absolutely necessary, but I want better performance. New bios are available. Should I install them?

Thanks for any help.

I didn't do it.
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  1. My first though was, well if he did'nt make any hardware upgrades since he got the sys, the original bios should be ok.
    However if you intend to upgrade a component of your pc, then by all means upgrade your bios. You will have a good chance for better performance.
    IMPORTANT: Upgrade bios BEFORE the new component is added.
    Also a os upgrade might benefit from a bios upgrade, but i have questions myself about that.
    If you do flash your bios be veeeeeeery carefull and follow all steps to the letter. If you are carefull it will go well.
    I have done it, so anybody can, ask pike ! :-)

    Good luck


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