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Game installs but cannot find CD?

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July 12, 2003 4:07:02 PM

A friend made a copy of a game for me seeing as I want to play a game 2x before I go out to spend $50 on it.
Anyway the game installed on my PC but when it instructs you to insert disc to play. The disc will boot up and spin in the tray but the game says cannot find CD? Any suggestions to fix this problem?

thanks for any suggestions

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July 12, 2003 5:57:22 PM

I would google for "gamename+noCD" and just use a no CD crack.

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July 13, 2003 12:34:15 AM

What game is it? Some games like Unreal2 have a nasty copy protection on them that gives this type of error.
July 13, 2003 9:15:06 AM

The game is WC III and ironically enough I just tried to do the same thing with Unreal 2 with the exact same results.
July 13, 2003 9:16:18 AM

I will look there thx for the suggestion
July 13, 2003 9:17:44 AM

Could you please explain how I can run a game without the CD? I thought you always needed the CD to play these games.
July 13, 2003 1:13:01 PM

A lot of new games install all the files they need on the HD so the game loads faster. But to make sure that you bought the original game and have the CDs, the game checks if the CD is in the CD drive when it loads.

To play a game without the CD, you usually just need to get a no-CD crack. The crack is basically the same file as your main .exe, but wihtout the CD check.

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July 13, 2003 6:49:47 PM

What he said^^^. A lot of cracks also come with a .txt or .nfo file with brief instuctions on how to install it. Some require you to run a "crack.exe" (or something similar) from the same directory as the game files, others are just simple file replacement. I would install off of the original store-bought copy of the disk and then crack. It's not a bad idea to back up the original .exe file before you replace it, too.

For Blizzard games be aware that two of the same product key cannot be on at the same time. LAN multiplay should work though.

<font color=blue>Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
-Einstein</font color=blue>