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General advice on 56K modems please

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September 14, 2002 4:23:25 PM

I would be very grateful if you use your collective experience to answer some questions I have.

I don't want to go to the expense of using broadband Internet access, but would like to try and get some increase in connection and download speeds. Currently I have a PC Tel HSP software modem on a PIII 800 system, and get connection speeds of around 44000bps and download speeds of around 4.2Kbit.

Reading through stuff on the Internet sotware modems are generally regarded as "pants" and I should be looking to replace my current one with a Hardware modem. Therefore my questions are:

When looking for a hardware modem as opposed to a software one how do I know if it is hardware or software? Modems listed for sale are not split into Hardware or sofware types

As there seem to be a lot of PCI modems out there, which ones can you recommend that will give me good connection and download speeds?

What is the level of improvement I can expect?

Should removing the old and installing the new modem be relatively straight forward?

Any help and/or advice you can give will be much appreciated



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September 14, 2002 6:23:38 PM

software modems are generaly refered to as winmodems. an upgrade may not help you though, about 5 download is almost the best you can really hope for. but if you must, get a a new modem, uninstall the old one, install the new one. you will probly have to reconfigure your dun profile to use the new modem.

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September 14, 2002 11:38:59 PM

I hate all types of software modems because the performance from my experience isn't that good. Personally, I like and use external modems.

I think that the best modem money can buy by far is the US Robotics Courier V.Exerything. In all of the testing I have done over the years it continues (with all of the ROM updates) to beat all other commers on the planet.

I only reccomend US Robotics hardware modems no matter if they are internal or external. I think they offer the best performance, but of course they are more expensive.

I have used other brands and have found some of the other external modems to be good as well. The 3Com Business Modem was a good example of one that seems to be pretty good as well. The Sportster also seems to be good as well.

Bottom line, a WinModem can get you by, but if you are looking for the best performance, a hardware modem will always be better.
September 15, 2002 2:03:40 PM

I too would suggest a hardware modem. But make sure that you can return the US Roboticss modem . In some instances ,depending on your local phone company line configuration a US R modem can be limited to a 33,600 connection.

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