HELP!! Monitor Signal Display Problems with 1800+

I'm building a new Athlon XP 1800+ system and I purchased an ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 32 MB Graphics card for the system -- AGP. For some reason I am not receiving any signal from the computer whatsoever. The system is receiving power and sounds like it is booting up properly (you can hear the RAM checking and hard drive initialization). The card must also be receiving power since its fan is operating when the computer is turned on.

The motherboard I purchased was an ASUS A7V266-E w/ an AGP Pro slot. I looked through the manuals as best I could, but could not find anything that might involve jumper settings in order to get a signal from the card (the motherboard does not have built in video -- only sound).

The only two places I have now to go from are:

1) I purchased a case that advertised a 300 watt power supply. However, when I look on the back of the case, the power switch says '115/230' -- not '150/300'. Am I missing something? (remember, the computer sounds like it is booting up exactly as it should). If this is actually a lack of power, could it have something to do with then graphics card?

2) I removed the plastic tab from the AGP Pro cavity (the one that says do not remove unless using an AGP Pro Graphics Card). I have since put the tab back in its place. I seriously doubt that this could have caused the problem at hand, but I just thought I would point it out.

I would appreciate any help. I have a feeling that I am missing something blatantly obvious, so please, any ideas, even the stupid ones, would be very helpful right now.


P.S. This is a Christmas present so time is of the essence.
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  1. Any screen info at all?
    Any beep codes, if so, what are they please .


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  2. That 115/230 is VOLTAGE no WATTAGE. To find the Wattage, you have to take your PSU out of your case and look on it's top face.
  3. I'm not receiving any beeping tones of any kind. No error messages that I know of (unable to tell since I can't get anything up on my monitor).

    I did take my power supply out and it is a 300 watter.

    Again, I feel like I'm missing blatantly obvious. Do motherboards usually have any type of jumper settings that would affect how the AGP slot works? I have never heard of anything like this.

    The only other stipulation involved is that the card has a digital out and I am using a stanadard VGA monitor with a digital to analog converter that came packaged with the card.

    I almost am getting that feeling that this may just be a card that needs to be returned, but throughout my experience with these things, that is rarely ever the case. It's generally just something I am overlooking. I have never ever had a problem with getting video to show up on the screen with a custom built PC before. However, I might add that this is the first system I have built with an AGP graphics system. I can't imagine it being any different, but if you guys can think of any no-brainer stuff that I might be overlooking, that would help to.

    Thanks for replying guys. Three different hardware related message boards and you were the first to have some input.

    Take care,
  4. I don't believe the mobo or ati radeon are bad. Take the mobo out of the case, and place it on the static bag it came in. Re-seat the memory and video card, and try to post with just the ram, video card, and cpu/heatsink. Also, check to make sure that you have the heatsink fan plugged into the right plug. Some boards will shut down if the fan isn't in the right plug.
  5. Which is the proper voltage to have a high end Athlon XP system set to, 115 or 230? Would 230 do anything that 115 would not?
  6. Just in case, i would make bloody sure of that 230 V setting before trying, myself i do not know!
    Also even with a bad monitor you should get beep codes, and if i am not mistaken even with a bad vid card you should get those codes.


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  7. first, voltage has nothing to do with the computer. it has to do with the region you're in voltage specs. 115v is standard for the USA and a few other countries, while most european countries use 230v for their standard. if you're in the USA make sure its on 115, anywhere else, set it to 230. second, are you getting any test screen on your monitor? usually if the monitor isn't getting a connection it will display an RGB graph saying there is no video signal present. or is it just blank? if you are getting the test screen and EVERYTHING is tightened and secured properly than you either have a bad video card or agp slot (i would more likely go with a bad card). if the screen is blank, make sure you check your manual, i've heard (i don't have this board, so i can't check), that the manual and whats written on the mobo is backwards concerning the "clear CMOS" jumper, so make sure that is set properly.

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  8. Thanks for the help guys. All is well. Bad power supply is all it was -- I ended up getting a whole new tower w/ supply too. I kinda figured as much, but it was odd how it would power up and appear to be working fine, and then not do anything at all.

    I do appreciate all the responses.

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