FSX Won't Install On Win 7 64-Bit

My FSX Disc Are Acting Weird, They Are Brand New Only Used Them 3 Times, && When i Put Them In My Cd Drive It Starts All Normal Then a Sound Comes From My Cd Drive Like If There Hitting Something, But Only With My FSX Disc i Tried Music CDs They Sound Normal, Now When i Put The FSX CD in i Got To My Computer && Open It && Go To Setup.exe But Nothing Pops, Up Help Me Please, Why Is This Happening !
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  1. Download the latest drivers from their website. I doubt you'll have any issues there.
  2. Download Drivers From What Website And For What ? Cd Drive or Game
  3. Oh sorry, read that wrong. Forget my last post (Thought title said something else).

    I don't see a full download on their website, but what you can do is download a bootleg copy of the game. Install and enter your CD key. It's safe (From my past experiences).
  4. M3X,

    Had the same problem did the following two things , the disk chatter went away and the reinstall of FSX went smoothly:

    1) I cleaned the surface of all disks with alcohol

    2) Went to Control Panel in WIN 7 - Go to Hardware and sound -Autoplay options

    Go to the Software and games tab - Make sure the selection is "Install or Run from your media"

    After these steps the disks loaded and ran fine.

    I suspect the main factor was cleaning the disk surface.
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