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Hi all,
I thought I had all the bugs worked out of my dragon +. I had a sudden reboot acouple of times. The monitor just shut off and the computer rebooted on its own. No warnings no nothing. I tought I had it worked out. It haddent happened for a couple of weeks. This morning it happened twice back to back. The only hint of a problem I have is my smart guardian comp monitor shows an ocasional fluctuation in the 12volt portion of my power. I've seen it fuctuate from 10 to 14 volts. I hate to have to take it out and I might be out of time to take it back to frys. Do you guys think it's the PS or somthing else?
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  1. Hi.
    I have the same board, and did not see the problem, yet. I am unable to assign IRQ to the AGP slot without having the the on board Sound sharing. I left a msg for Soyo tech and got no answer, except for "We are unable to respond within 24 Hour" auto response.
    Here is what I would look for:
    1-Did you overclock anything? If Yes go back to Fail safe mode in BIOS and try again.
    2-What App. is it doing in? I have problems with Flight simulators and any other task running in the background, other than Systray and Explorer, for FS98SE, Try to disable all background tasks other than above.
    3-What temp. are you reading? I get about 40-44C under any circumstance with the AMD fan/heathsink.
    4-The 12V readout, I beleive, is another anomalie of the Soyo and not real, I get the same thing but I put a DVM on my 12v and it was not real. You can hear the fan speed change also if indeed it varie that much.
    5-Did your Video only go away? If Yes reseat the AGP, this is a nasty slot, try without a screw, and make sure it's in all the way.
    6-Do you use any OC apps for your Video? if Yes try to turn that off for a while and try again.
    Whatever you do make one change at the time and try again.
    I hope some of these things help. Post here for more info. Good luck. TV
  2. Thanks for the reply. Even though I was cramped on time I took the PS back and spent 100 bucks on an antek 400 watt PS. I hope this will do the trick. Havent gotten any beebs from smart guardian yet. Did you notice that smart guardian slows you system down? It does mine. I will let you know if it worked.

  3. Hi.
    So far no reboot problem here.

    "Did you notice that smart guardian slows you system down?"
    I will look and see, I did notice too much drop.
    Let me know the outcome. Happy Holidays. TV
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