Swtor and hardware problem

Hello this is my first thread and I apologize if I didnt put it in the right section.
I have a desktop custom build computer I got it for 6 months without any problem. I signed up and got a beta key for star wars the old republic I run the game for couple of hours without any problem but then I got an unexpected shut down and after that some more so I decided to check it out from the inside I opened it and relised that the power supply fan wasnt working and my power supply was overheating so I bought a new one and replaced it . The new one has same wats and it was correctly installed etc. After I tried to run the game again I got another shut down and my pc wouldnt start again. I tried to start it directly from mother board etc. The leds from motherboard are working like normal but it doesnt start. Anyone has an idea of what is the problem or how to solve it and will i be able to play the game after all ( i meet the system requirments)
my pc spec is
NVIDIA gts250
Prossecor : intel core i5
motherboard : intel desktop board DQ56TM executive series
ram: 2 bars 2 G each
If you need any more info just ask
Thank you in advance :D
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  1. Specs of the power supplies?
  2. the first one was 400 wat that came with the case i think its a open 350 output 450 peak and the second one is a force 450 wat sata 2 80mm fan
    dont know what specs you need exaxcly just say if you need something more
  3. Manufacturer, make and model where possible please. Are all cables from the PSU to the motherboard connected properly?
  4. The cables are correctly connected I watched tutorials and went to a cousin of mine to install it ( he has a computer degree ) The new power supply is FORCE 450W PSU BULK
    type ATX 12V version 2.2.
    power 450W
    230V~, 6A, 50 H
    +3.3V - 22A, +5V - 15A, +12V1 - 14A, +12V2 - 16A, -12V - 0.3A, +5VSB - 2.5A. .
    the old one i think ( as i read in the box ) the manufacturer is AOpen and its 400w peak
  5. I decided and took it to the local pc repair shop Ill keep you informed if anyone has an idea if this is related to the game or how to prevent it from happening again just let me know
    cheers :)
  6. Ok my pc is back its the power supply for sure. Ill get it back to the shop for the warranty do you think that my computer needs a higher amount of Wat and i should get a better one or should I just stick with the 450 one . Remeber i want to play swtor with it.
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