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Hello, does anyoen know of a good program that can monitor the cpu's core temperature and other various parts of the motherboard?
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  1. Motherboards usually come with that stuff now. See if any system monitoring software came with your motherboard. MBM5 is probably going to be better if you can get it configed correctly.

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  2. Yeah I don't think it works with my mobo which is kind of strange. It says the temps are negative celsius etc. I chose the correct DFI Lanparty (all versions) and it still doesn't work.
  3. Bios says cpu is like 35 degrees and chipset is like 44
  4. Do a google search for cpu temperature program. It'll pull up a few.

    I have an MSI motherboard which has a utility that came with it.. I don't bother using it though. I paid 30 dollars and got the CPU/GPU/Chipset/PSUorCase-Harddrive.
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