Hi, Guys,

I used to install Windows 2000 on my ABIT BP6-L. It worked just fine. However, ever since I tried to upgrade it to Windows XP, it has been dead for a couple of weeks. I mean, I cann't install Windows 2000 from both Boot disks and CD-ROM any more. It always shows me the blue screen after finish copying the files from those four boot disks. Does any body have good solution?

Another problem I currently face is:
My hard driver is 10 GB, but it can only recognize 8 GB now even though I've tried to FDISK it. Should I change the BIOS setting? Actually, I've tried it. Nevertheless, it didn't work. Please help~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Check if your harddisk jumper is seated right, some HD's have a feature to limit the drives cappacity by setting the jumper in a special way.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  2. I have a friend who bought a computer pre-installed with Win2K. But he didn't like it and want to downgrade to Win98. He finished booting from the CD-ROM & install it, but failed to make it start from HD.

    At that time, he ask for my advice, I bring BeOS R5Pro and install it. Successfully boot from HD. After that, he installed Win98 (wipe out the BeOS) and suceessfully boot from HD.

    Later on, I found out that MS Win2K has somekind of lock to prevent downgrade. And By installing non-MS software break the lock.

    And there were another way to break this lock:
    * Insert boot disk, or boot from cd-rom.
    * type: FDISK/MBR.
    * then install the 'downgrade' OS.
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