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Hey, so I just got Skyrim for pc and I've been getting very low FPS. Average 18fps. At first the game seemed to be at approx. 30fps, or higher, but now i'm about 50 hours in and it won't go past 18. I have a Hp Dv6 with intel i5, 6g ram and ati mobility 5470. I'm running windows 7 64bit. I've played other games on my rig just fine. I played Fallout 3 on high settings. Now when I go to play Fallout 3 it also is only giving me 18fps. I've tried searching all sorts of forums and tired numerous fixes. I've installed the latest patch for Skyrim. I've reinstalled my gpu driver. Tried updating the driver. I've messed with the settings for my gpu. putting on low, lowering the resolution. I've tried tweaking the .ini. I've uninstalled Skyrim and reinstalled. I've monitored pc temp, about 56c with a slight rise when playing games, I'm also running a cooling fan under the rig. I was thinking about reinstalling the os to see if that would work. I'v also done your basics, like defrag, used ccleaner to clean the registry, I have all programs shut down while trying to play. I think I might of even tried it in safe mode and still the fps was crap. I feel like it has something to do with my laptop since Fallout was fine but seems to be the same now too. Any help would be very appreciated, Skyrim is so awesome and this low FPS is killing me! Can't play it that way. First time forum poster here so if there is any other info on my problem or set up you need let me know. Hope someone can help me out!
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  1. dude i am having the same problem, and happened after i installed skyrim (via torrent (cracked version)), i cant find a way to put it back and im worries about it. maybe i has somethng to do with the game itself idk. if u find a solution please let me know
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