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Last night I got ahold of a dremel and mounted the 2 extra usb port slot cover from my asus cusl2-c mobo on a free panel cover on a 5.25 front bay came out really nice .... BUT the damn layout of the mobo splits the usb header cable at the mobo end and on one of the connectors the pin headers way back near the bottom pci slot.. this prevents (by like 2 inches) the cable being able to reach the header on the usb ports on the front of my tower case now. Anyone know of a vendor that sells extra long 4 and 5 pin usb cables (not sure at the moment which I need , think it is 4 pin) prefer online vendors for this ..Crashman I appeal to you especially as the resident forum cusl2-c board guru :)

Thanx to all and Happy Holidays !!

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  1. I had a similar problem, I got an iPanel for my Asus A7V266-E board, and while the LED connector was long enough to fit into my case, an Antec SX1240, the usb connector wa too short. I grabbed the USB cable from my old A7V133 and made an extension. It was pretty simple, I just used a piece of PCB, with the connectors in the right place, and fed them through the other side. Effectively making an extension. The 2 different cable plug into the extender and make one longer cable.

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  2. YOu could make an extensin cable like the last guy suggested. All my USB cables have 8" leads.

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