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Star Wars the Force Unleased 1 or 2?

Both are on sale at Steam for 5 bucks. I want to buy one to try it out, which one is better?
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    I've only played the first one on XBox 360. It wasn't a bad game, not very long though, probably about 8 hours. I haven't played the second game, but it wasn't very well received. Apparently, it is also quite short, closer to the 4 hour range for single player. I'd definitely say get the first one, though I haven't heard good things about the PC port that Aspyr did for it. Apparently the controls aren't very good on mouse and keyboard, and the only gamepad the game supports is the XBox 360 controller. The PC version apparently also has limited scaling options and wasn't that well optimized, so it doesn't run well on a weaker system.
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