AMD760 or KT266A Chipset

I am building a new computer and am wondering which chipset is a better value and is good for gaming. I'm thinking I can save some money by going with the AMD chipset since it has been around awhile. I am looking specificly at the Gigabyte GA-7DX board and the GA-7VTXE. Please share your thoughts.... Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.......
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  1. Pick a board in your pricerange. The kt266a boards are 10-20% faster, but are still fairly new and require some tinkering to get them running smoothly. The amd 761 should work fine, but be sure your board of choice supports the athlon xp. I use the shuttle ak31 version 3.1, and while it's not perfect, for $80 it's a steal; only the ecs K7S5A is cheaper. For the amd 761, I recommend the abit kg7-lite or kg7 (with or without raid). Check pricewatch.
  2. Quote:
    The kt266a boards are 10-20% faster, but are still fairly new and require some tinkering to get them running smoothly

    i've had the ga-7vtx-p since it's been out. what tinkering is there other than loading the 4in1 drivers? haven't had a problem yet, other than a suspend mode function in bios, which i don't use anyways. the P version can be had for little over $100, while the H (with audio and lan) is just under $100.

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  3. Neither



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  4. One more chipset to take a look at: nForce.

    I'm very pleased with my Athlon XP running on MSI K7N420 mainboard. Very easy to get Windows Me and XP up and running on this system. To enable the integrated network, and sound just insert the disk that came with the motherboard and press a button to install the driver set for both Me and XP.

    No BSOD or hang ups so far. My first time experience with an Athlon system is positive (but watch out for the printed MSI K7N420 manuals, consult the online version instead).
  5. I had the Asus A7M266 w 760 chip. It wasn't my game machine, it didn't play UT to my satisfaction. It could of been because the board was new and a better version came later, or the chip, or Asus. Towards the end with new updates it played better, but not great. Out side of that the board was great, very stable and friendly.
    My Abit KR7A None Raid KT266A w XP1800, is my game machine. Very fast, but not as friendly, I have more tweaking to do to get it as stable as I would like. But it's not that ergent because I haven't even tried to improve the stablity.
    I had the XP1800 on my Abit KT7A-Raid KT133 chip and it work fine, so any blame would go towards the KT266A chip.
    The KT266A is my choice.

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