Can i run it?

Recently i have made some changes to my PC, and so now i want to know if i will be able to run games like Battlefield 3, COD MW3, Crysys 2, but i want to know if they will run fine before i buy them you know, so, basically this is my question so any help & comments will be appreciated, thanks in advance, here are my specifications:

Windows 7 Home Basic
Processor: iCore 5 3.20 Ghz
RAM: 8GB (Upgraded, Initially the pc was bought with 4GB, i added 4GB extra of Kingston HyperX)
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Powercolor HD 6770 (Upgraded, initially the pc was bought with Intel Graphics integrated on the Mother Board)
Graphics Card Memory: 1GB DDR5
Hard Drive: 640 GB
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  1. Yes your pc is ok. Don't expect to play all the games at high and ultra settings, and this because the problem is 6770 , wich is good for low resolutions monitors ( not fullhd).The games will run ok.
  2. as said above, depending on your resolution you can run on medium to high settings for all the games listed occasionally dipping below 30 fps on medium, in which case I'd advise to either down grade to lower resolution if you want the graphics detail to stay up or turn down the graphics detail to keep the resolution

    good luck

    this site analyzes your components and tells you if your computer can run the game you choose. It also tells where your system needs to be upgraded
  4. thank you very much for your comments and answers, but i think i should be able to run it on ultra settings due i was as you see searching for information before buying the game, i always try to investigate to not waste my money, so i was searching and googling, and i found several videos where people can run with the same card the game on high/ultra settings without FPS issues, here you go you can see it:

    anyway just wanted to say thank you for takin the time to answer.
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