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Hello Im getting a slight stutter with all of my games. Heres a video showing the problem

If anyone recognises this problem and knows of a fix please give me some advise.
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  1. memory tested all my ram, no problems, did a hdd test, no problems. temps of cpu stay under 35, the ati 5770 is at 40 idle 60 at load. see no reason for this really. theres another vid of modernwarfare2 just to show its not just this game
  2. A list of your computer specs might help. My first guess is your vid card isn't up to snuff. Try turning down the AA or possibly the resolution and see if it helps.
  3. The specs are on the youtube video. Whats not up to snuff mean anyway?
  4. Please if you dont RECOGNISE this problem, dont guess. Ive had loads of people guessing what it could be Im looking for someone who sees the video and knows of a fix
  5. Sorry, I didn't see the specs under the video. The 5770 should be able to handle that resolution with no problem. When is the last time you updated the video driver? I can't remember if it was the 11.10 drivers or the 11.11 drivers that had an update for borderlands.
  6. No its not just boarderlands. The video below showing modernwarfare2 has the same stutter. Im on 11.11 drivers
  7. I don't have an answer, but I'm suffering from a similar problem. I'm recieving this kind of stutter not constantly, but on and off. It happens in all of my games, and I have no clue on how to fix it.
  8. @sazza34 do you get this stutter using both a mouse and joypad?
  9. I've only tried it with a mouse, as I don't have a joypad. Is it any different with a joypad for you? If it is, I'll try and get a hold of one.
  10. It does smooth things out a hell of lot. But its still not perfect. I play mostly first person shooters so rely on the mouse mostly. Ive got a xbox 360 pad that I would recommend getting
  11. Are you still getting this problem? Because I am...
  12. im literally tearing my hair out because of this, for instance, when i play call of duty 4, i get a constant 250fps, but it looks and feels like something a lot lower, something like 20fps. Its driving me insane.

    Things ive done to try to fix it.

    - bought a new monitor.
    - tried a different graphics card.
    - formatted the pc countless times.

    I'm starting to think that it may be a cpu/mobo issue, as i overclocked for around 6 months, recieving blue screens of death the whole time. it is only recently that i learned that the overclock was causing the blue screens, so it may have damaged the cpu??

    I have no idea, please help!
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