Stuttering/Microstuttering problem. Please help!

Hello, for the past week now, I have been trying to troubleshoot a stuttering/microstuttering problem. What happens is, when I play any game on my PC, multiplayer mainly, it will all play all smoothly, but at random points it appears that my frame rate has gone down, but it actually hasn't. I know that it hasn't, because I've ran benchmarks, and they confirm that the fps has not gone down.

The problem looks very much like this video but it won't happen constantly, like in the video. For instance, it'll play completely smoothly, and then out of nowhere, it will start doing what it is doing in the video, then it'll go back to being all smooth.

I've literally been tearing my hair out, trying to solve the problem, but nothing that I've done has fixed it yet.

I have tried the following to fix the problem:

Reinstalling games,
Reinstalling drivers,
Reinstalling Windows altogether, twice,
Testing another Graphics card in the PC
Applying a little more voltage to the CPU.

Nothing has fixed the problem. But what I have noticed, is that it stutters more frequently when it seems that more CPU power is required, games such as Counter strike source, and generally servers with more players playing.

Here are my specs

AMD Phenom x6 1090T ~ 4.0GHZ
8GB corsair XM3 ram ~ 1600mhz
ASUS crosshair iv formula
Coolermaster gold 1000w PSU
Windows 7 Home premium 64bit.

I'm thinking that it's either the CPU or RAM thats the cause of the problem. I've had many BSOD's relating to ram in the past. But that's just a wild guess.

Thank you in advance for any help that I may recieve.

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  1. you listed only 1 GPU, but judging by your PSU you have an SLI?

    you say you've had many bsods in the past relating to ram, have you fixed the ram since then or how was the issue resolved? or are you still getting bsods?

    at 4 ghz I doubt your CPU would be bottlenecking any game that is out there. However, you mention that this happens in games like CSS, which were made during the time of single/dual core processors. Have you tried running the game under compatibility mode?

    or does the same microstutter happen with newer games too?
  2. No, I don't have SLI, I'm running a single GTX580.

    The BSODs have seemed to have gone away for the most part, but I do still get the odd IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

    Also, the thing is, I never experienced any microstuttering in the past, and I have formatted my harddrive, so I doubt that it's a software problem. But I will try compatibility mode anyway.

    The same microstutter does happen with newer games too, such as Fallout: new vegas. It just seems to happen more frequently with games that use more CPU power.
  3. there's no way CSS is using more CPU power than Fallout:NV

    since you don't have an sli you shouldn't have micro stuttering, afaik, it only occurs in multi card setups

    I'd look into fixing your BSODs first, as they indicate some lingering problem with hardware or drivers on your system. Troubleshooting anything with such a wild card on your system will be troublesome and nigh useless.
  4. Ok, I will run memtest to test my memory. Thanks for the replies :)
  5. Does it still happen if you remove the overclock from the processor? I had a similar problem with dead island and deus ex.
  6. In fact, it seemed even worse when i turned off the overclock. I really have no idea about this problem :(
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