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From reading THG I understand that if the fan fails, the Athlon chip will overheat within a second and be unusable from then on.

Are there any motherboards on the market which detect that an Athlon XP processor is getting too hot and thus shut down (quickly!) ?

I know that AMD have shown THG how to make a circuit board to put on a Gigabyte board - but I don't want to do this - I just want to be able to buy a motherboard with built in protection.
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  1. most bios' have a feature that you can select to turn off the computer when the thermistor detects the proccessor is over a designated temp. of course you have to have a thermistor installed. if your bios doesnt offer this kind of protection, you could look for a pc health kind of program.
  2. Actually, the overheating problem THG brought to light came when the entire heatsink and fan assembly was removed from the CPU core. A CPU fan going out isn't going to raise your temps that high that fast. Any motherboard with a halfway decent temperature monitor will be able to shut the system down in time to save the core if its only the fan that fails.
  3. yeah, but SOMETIMES, a heatsink can fall off, like if a lug breaks, or the clip slips off...or breaks...IT CAN HAPPEN!
    and i dont know if that thermal protection will be able to protect against the heatsink falling off...but if the fan fails it will...
    but then again, i dont feel like testing on my computer...since i dont have a spare motherboard and cpu...


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  4. Apparently the thermal diode is rated for changes of 1, maybe 2 degrees per second, which should be enough to handle a fan failure. However, when the heatsink was removed, the gap between Quake III crashing and the smoke appearing was about 5 seconds, it got about 250 degrees hotter (the ave. temp for an Athlon is around 50), meaning that it took just 0.02 seconds to heat up by one degree.
  5. How strong are the lugs? Like if i was to do a one time installation of my cpu and hsf and never touch it or move it again. Do the lugs weaken over time? (in a case with around 30C temps.)

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  6. Read the artical below on the ASUS A7V266-E.

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  7. the lugs are pretty strong, but they can be brittle...and they can break due to having the heatsink taken off and put back on too much...i think...
    but i have never had this happen.
    and even with the thermaltake golden orb on the k6-2 500, i never broke the lugs...
    and that thing is strong...(the clip)
    i am pretty sure it is more than my socket a sink puts.


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