Xbox 360 on Monitor, 720p or 1080p

I'm currently connecting my xbox to a 1080p monitor.
I find that game looks better when I set it to 720p in the console setting.
I know picture quality is worse if content is not displayed in the monitor's native resolution, and xbox has a chip to ramp up game to 1080p. But what's the point if it look worse after the chip has processed it?
Is just me that feels this way?
Does changing to a tv a better solution? (does tv have the native resolution issue?)
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  1. My grandson has been asking for a 32" HDTV for his xbox 360, and I have been wondering if it was worth the extra expense to go to a 1080p TV rather than a 720p. From your description, it sounds like a 720p HDTV is the better choice. Makes sense I guess... since the games for the xbox 360 are all rendered in 1280x720 or less. Sorry for not answering your question, but thanks for the input.
  2. Changing to a tv is a better solution. Televisions often upscale the picture a LOT better than monitors do. Many new LCD and Plasma sets can almost upscale 720p content to look as if its 1080p (from a distance - not up close). Unless you've got a very expensive Blu-Ray player, Surround Reciever or some other piece of hardware with a built in upscaling chip - a television set is going to have built in scaling far superior to the x-box etc.

    Avoid the cheap television sets - go after brandnames like:

    and others.

    I myself own a Philips LED backlighted LCD tv which is 42 inches of utter sex. The built in scaler really does wonders - even with poop NTSC material. You yourself should decide which brand suits you best.
  3. thx for your replies, I did some extra research and found similar result.
    TVs seems to have better upscale ability than monitor.
  4. 720p has been proven to be better with consoles. As the consoles hardware runs smoother and better with 720p.
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