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Ok so iv been playing Star Wars KOTOR and iv been playing it on the lowest settings and its been crashing iv made it to were you find the second star map and when i go to leave it plays part of the cut scene and then crashes every single time.. Im almost 100% sure that my video card is to new to play this game can anyone help me???
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  1. Listing your computer specs would be helpful.
  2. is this a legit version of kotor? no mods?
  3. Well I have a work colleague that finished KOTOR and KOTOR II on radeon 9200 :)) which is pretty damn old if u ask me, so if u succeeded installing the game and played until that mission it must be some other problem.
  4. yeah as far as requirements, the game was pretty good during it's time, but nothing cutting edge
  5. Iv never had a comp that would run the game.... And this game is the real deal no mod and as far as the comp goes its custom made and i got it off a friend and he just moved to texas so im not to sure about the specs i know i put Windows XP on the comp cause Windows 7 would NOT play the game at all for me... The game is upto date. Like i said before it was crashing alot but it crashes every single time i got to leave this cave..
  6. click on Start-->Right click on My Computer-->Select Properties
    This will tell you the CPU Type and Speed and the Memory (give us this information)

    Right Click on My Computer again and select Manage, Click on Device Manager, Expand Display Adapters, this will tell us your video card.

    With this information we can give you more information
  7. Processor: AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core 2.50 GHz
    Ram: 4.00GB
    System Type: 64 Bit
    Video Catd: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
  8. LOL, with those specs u should pwn this game like np, it's definitely some software issue.
  9. See thats what i thought to first i thought it was windows 7 so i put XP on my comp worked up till the mission im on now the game is up to date so idk whats wrong with it..
  10. Open the swkotor.ini using notepad and add this line under Game Options (without the quotation marks): "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1". It's a good idea to make a copy of the file before you modify it so you can restore it if something goes wrong. Hope it works for you, because that's a great game.
  11. I tried this but it won't allow me to save over the original file. Any idea why?

    My install of SWKotor also crashes my computer occasionally, which is even more worrying than just dropping the game, but normally it will just crash the game. Sometimes at the same point and sometimes at different ones. I can't work out what's causing it. Any ideas?

    I'm running :-

    Parkard Bell ixtreme M5850
    Intel Core i5-2300 @ 2.8GHz
    6Gb RAM
    Win 7 64-bit
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 420

    I've tried the solution above, the compatability /run as administrator solution, the run it on single core (affinity) solution. I'm running out of ideas. Please help as I really want to play this game again.
  12. Just leaving this here since no one answered. I had the problem that I could not add the line Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 when I opened it in notepad(would not allow me to save properly). I fixed this problem by right clicking the file swkotor.ini, selecting properties, going to the security tab and changing permissions on all available users in the list presented, to full control. This allowed me to then modify the swkotor.ini file in notepad and mostly fixed my game crashes as well.

    After 6 plus hours of trying to get this damn game to run on Vista I'm finally running it smoothly.

    I am using a cracked version of the game, but hopefully some will find this info helpful so I'll list all the things I did to get the game to run on Vista. Alot of these fixes also apply to legit versions of the game.

    1a. After install got to 100% it would ask for disk 4 again and then would do nothing when disc 4 was put back in.
    1b. The solution for this was to just kill the installer in Task Manager after it got to 100% and asked for disk 4. The install is complete even though the installer process doesnt finish. Not sure what the root cause of this problem was.

    2a. Game would still ask for disk once installed, aka the crack didn't work properly.
    2b. The fixes for the cracked version of the game required me to download a new Mss32.dll file and overwrite the original in the game files. Also needed a new cracked .exe file for launching the game, I added it to the game folder and overwrote the old launcher file when asked. I found both these files through google.
    - mss32.dll:
    - crack:
    2c. Also you need to run the game in windows compatibility for XP service pack 2, just right click the swkotor.exe file once you've replaced it and select properties, go to the compatibility tab and select the necessary options. Also check the run as administrator box.

    3a. Game crashed after character creation
    3b. Ive read you can fix this by disabling movies, rolling back your video drivers to an older version or by adding Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 to the swkotor.ini file. Find which one works for you. I also changed sound settings through the ingame menu to fix compatabilty issues(The ingame menu will point this out to you in the sound option settings)

    4a. Game crashed alot during actual gameplay
    4b. This was fixed by using the Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 fix.
  13. installed the game today and have exactly the same problem.... the thing is I cant find the SWKotor.ini ...where should it be located?!
  14. The pasting "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" (without quotations, place it below the Graphic options on a new line at the bottom) work to stop the game crashing in game for me. Just to clarify for AntiZig, on my installation its not called swkotor.ini it was just a file name swkotor but a test file shown as configuration setting for me.
  15. if you all are had the problem in win 7 x64 or higher,
    it's because the game is not support for OS higher than XP,
    i had the solution which is working on me (works really perfect!) i play on win 8 x64
    try this
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