Saitek x52 bf3 not working

I just got a x52 and I've used it in a couple of other games fine, but when i tried setting it up in battlefield there was no response. The game doesn't detect any input i try for the joystick. I've read that some people ditched the saitek driver and software and just used the win7 ones so i tried uninstalling and just using win7 but still not working. I then re downloaded the driver and the software over again and ran each in compatibility mode with vista sp1 as I read that may work but it still didn't respond. I put the saitek driver back on and it says its installed the most up to date but when i try and set a profile with the profiler it tells me "bf3.pr0 does not contain a profile for this device. The device has not been profiled." I got this joystick mainly for battlefield and its killing me that i can't get it to work. Under the game controllers in control panel I can see that all the axis's and buttons work fine and they have done so in other games, why not in battlefield?
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  1. Also I've just noticed that my razer megalodon 7.1 headphones have stopped working since i started trying to get the joystick drivers to work.
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