Do i have the KT266A chipset?!

2 weeks ago i decided to build a new computer, and based all my shoppin from the info on this site. For my mobo i decided to go with the Dragon +, which is supposed to have the KT266A chipset. My question is do i really have it? is there a way to check to make sure...i d/l'ed Sandra to do basic benchmarking and did a system info request and it shows this as my chipset "VIA technologies inc VT8366 Apollo KT266 CPU to PCI Bridge". The mobo was brand new in the box by the way. any suggestions?..thanx
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  1. If it's a Dragon Plus, you got it. The ID program probably can't distinguish between KT266 and KT266A

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  2. Look at the Southbridge. I can't remember which is which, but you can check Via's website. Or, you can take off the heatsink on the Northbridge.

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