GTA 4 Patch to fix slow texture loading.

Phenom II x4 970 BE
Radeon HD 6950 2gb
4 GB (1600) frequency RAM

The game ran kind of slow without a patch. After installing patch I could turn the settings all the way up and didn't lag at all but textures would load slowly and sometimes not at all. At first I thought this was just caused by my GPU overheating as it was at 60 degrees Celcius. But as I searched around it turns out patch causes this bug on some setups. I would like to know what patch would be best to use to rid me of this dreadful glitch.
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  1. afaik, the patch that you're looking for has not been made by the company...

    try rolling back to the patch before the one that's giving you problems
  2. When I use patch The game lags and doesn't run or look half as good as patch . Wish there was some way to make the textures load so i don't have to alt + tab everytime this glitch happens. (every minute it seems to happen randomly)
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