Choppy Frame rates (High FPS)

The issue I'm having is hard to describe and I don’t know what they call it, so I had no luck searching the forums for the issue. I apologize in advance if it’s already been discussed.

In ANY PC games I play I'm getting rough frame rates. Its not lag or low FPS since I closely monitor it with FRAPS and it records no issues. It's as if every other tiny frame is being skipped leaving the movement jittery. When I move the camera and/or look around it doesn’t seem to be refreshing as smooth as it should be. The stranger part about it is it only seems to be related to mouse input. For example, whenever I move the camera or look at the environment using only keyboard input it seems to be smooth and fine. It also appears to be less noticeable at higher FPS... It really has minimal impact on gaming ability, but puts a very big strain on my eyes after a short bit and is all around driving me crazy. I have attempted many fixes including updating drivers and tweaking graphic setting to no avail. I don’t have SLI which many people have contributed this issue too. Appreciate your feedback!

My specs:
Windows 7 premium 64bit
GTX 560ti
4gb DDR2 RAM 1066
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
120hz Samsung lcd monitor
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  1. 1. enable vsync
    2. OC your cpu, its too slow
    3. upgrade ram, it could be textures and game data loading during gameplay causing the problem
    4. re-install windows and start from a clean install, that can remove lots of problems and will speed up your pc.
    Also, what make and model of power supply do you have? it may not be giving enough power. And check for things overheating, that will also cause issues.
  2. what fps are you getting via fraps?

    I think your problem is the monitor being 120hz, unless you got triple buffering enabled or unless your card can handle 120 fps at current settings you will see problems
  3. Thanks for your replies. Already have vsync and triple buffering forced on always. I can't OC my CPU since its already runs too hot, and i cant afford a new one at this time Unfortunately. I think I will go for a windows re-install and get new RAM and see what that does. I'm using a 750 watt raidmax PSU.

    My average fps is 60-90 depending on game. 50 on skyrim which im noticing the issue most on. I know it's not related to the refresh rate of my monitor because I used to run games on the same set up buttery smooth.

  4. if cpu is getting too hot (85+) I'd look into better cooling solutions
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