ECS K7S5A vs Asus A7A266

The ECS is a lot cheaper than the asus one. How come? Both of them support sdram/ddr. Since xp cpus are so hot I can't even imagine overclocking. So buying the bad-for-overclocking ECS board won't be a disadvantage right? Which one shall I choose?

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  1. 1. The ECS uses the SiS735 chipset which is two chipsets in one (the southbridge integrated with the northbridge) that probably cuts manufacturing cost in half. SiS also doesn't fvck around with their customers like VIA does. The A7A266 and it's old Ali Magik chipset is good too, much more stable and compatable that VIA....but it's not as fast as the SiS735.

    2. ECS was meant for OEMs....while Asus makes boards for the retail department. So you're basically paying extra for the <i>name</i> if you decide to get the Asus.

    No, you won't be at a get the ECS. Save yourself the extra money and buy more memory or a better video card.

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  2. But be aware that ECS motherboards are know to have a high DOA rate.

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