Need a little help picking a computer for World of Warcraft

Ok I am looking at 2 computers online. I do not need anything crazy just something that can run Wow with decent fps.

Looking at these


I do not think the integrated graphics will be able to run it but I have a old gt220 that I know can 50+fps in my old computer.
Would I be able to just install my graphics card out the box for these?

I am new here and somewhat of a noob, thank you everyone in advance for the help.
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  1. Gateway , i3 is much more powerfull than AMD II x2 , plus is has a 1TB hard drive and 6 GB memory.
  2. I will agree the i3 is better. Now those two computers at first will start you off fine. After a month or so you will get a lot of laging and crash to desktop(CTD). The reason being is heat.

    Those two systems are cramp inside the air fow not good. Also you could find better set ups for the same price on line. The reason I know I still have my Dell Inspiron 580 with the i3 cpu. Lets just say that was my first gaming computer.

    I thought I was set up. At first I played Age of Empires and total war medevil 2. They work just fine for the first month. Then the laging started then CTD. So I bought a Graphic card thinking that was my problem.

    Well it help a little then the same problems again then the GPU went bad. I bought a nother GPU for it and I use it ony for normal stuff not high gaming. I built this one to do gaming. I would look around on line for gaming rigs that will cover just what you want.

    I know Tiger Direct.Com has barbone sets for around 300 to 400 dollars. So does Sorry for the long story but I would hate to see you loose out like I did. I wish you the best on this.
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