vote for what you want, remember that us humans work in group, when is the last time some one made a CPU here? your vote counts

and dont forget to leave a comment if you have something to say

and if you dont understand what SOPA is, click the link to be directed at videos that trying to explain you.... what kinda power does SOPA has on the internet, even do your not american, and if you do, pass on to voting

now keep in mind that if YouTube goes down or Google gets HIGHLY suppressed this will effect pretty much every thing you know, since your on the internet right now, why are you here? cuss you tipped in the URL randomly?.... ya, you would not be here without google (or any web search server/engine)

and for pple that think that world will end the 21st of December, dont worry, this poll will end the 20th of December 2012
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  1. This law is NECESSARY ....

    we MUST MUST MUST put an end to interent piracy ... all of you out there who may pirate UNDERSTAND how epdemic it is ...
  2. Heres a good analogy the internet provided me

    "If an IP owner suspected a person had counterfeit goods in a banks safe deposit box, SOPA would allow that IP owner to shut down the entire bank and all of the branches without notice, search warrant, or due process."
  3. Author of SOPA copyright violator

    Some enterprising individual found out that Lamar Smith is using stock photos he did NOT pay for and using a photograph without the express permission of the author.

    Under his own laws he could be jailed for up to 5 years.
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