how do i connect my sony dcr-hc 28 to the pc? i have a desktop by no firewire on it, what else can i do to connect the camcorder to our desktop pc?
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  1. The best solution would be to buy a Firewire card for your PC. Something like this one from Amazon. Most computer stores will sell these items.
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  3. I'm a bit puzzled by the title change. The OP specifically mentions a desktop, so where does "Laptop" come into it? I take it you're not suggesting buying a Laptop rather than a $20 Firewire PCI card?
  4. If this has anything to do with a laptop??? It may be hard to find a cheap laptop with native firewire, (short of a Mac but you said cheap). You could look for laptop with an express card slot where you could buy a firewire express card to slot into it. I have an Alienware m15x it has both firewire 800 and an express card slot but it aint cheap.
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