SW:TOR or Guild Wars 2

Hey guys
I'm pondering this question

there's 2 upcoming MMOs both of which are from reputable developers, both seem to have quite a decent hype about them. I kind of like the idea of both of them, but as we all know, mmos typically require a large time investment, so I doubt I'll be able to play both.

Which one would you pick? SW:TOR or Guild Wars 2? Or maybe neither?

I'm looking to see what other people think and what kind of advice I can get in regards to what major factors to consider while picking between the two.

One of the major things that I've noticed between them is

SW:TOR _____ GW2
monthly fee ___ 1 time lifetime purchase
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  1. Wow a whole weekend passes and not a single answer. I can't believe it.

    Nobody has any opinion with regard to either of those? Like if you're playing one of them, let me know why, what you like about it.
  2. The game section on Toms is more or less dead mate, its not surpising nobody has commented thus far.

    I havn't played either, but I am very tempted to start playing The Old Republic, I loved The Knights of The Old Republic (Still do) and getting the itch to play an mmorpg again, I quit WOW a few months ago and I refuse to start playing it again, I am hoping The Old Republic will not dissapoint.....
  3. I wouldn't say it's dead, there's a few regulars here, but majority of activity is "i can't run this game at this fps" which basically people get their answer and never bother to check back. So, you have a point.

    I do share your sentiment towards the KOTOR, game was fantastic for its time. And I have quit mmo'ing close to 3 years ago, but it's an experience that had its positive sides on top of the negatives.

    I think I'll be looking for free trial type of deals (that's how I got into my first mmo) for both, so I can give them both a go, but who knows how generous they would be with them.

    Main thing I have going, is I've never really played new style mmo (the one I have played was ragnarok online, which was pretty archaic even back in '05). So, I'm expecting a lot from TOR, since it's got Bioware standing behind it, but their recent flop with DA2 has me wondering. On the other hand, I've heard many praise the old GW, the new one looks enticing as well, I'm liking the designs, but it's hard to judge gameplay from small videos.
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