Will this run BF3 on high settings?

So I am upgrading my monitor to a ASUS 24" 1080p monitor for christmas. My current monitor is an HDTV that runs in 720p and on High Settings I run anywhere from 40 - 100+ FPS depending on what map. So will my future 1080p monitor drop my FPS? If so by how much? Computer Specs: AMD Athlon II x3 455, XFX Radeon HD 6870, OCZ Modxstream Pro 600W, Gigabyte GA- 970A-UD3, Rosewill Challenger Case, 500 GB Western Digital HDD.
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  1. You will see some FPS drops, because your current hardware will have to run the game at 1080p instead of 720p. Probably 35 to 50ish, depending on the other detail settings.
  2. well judging by your case model it will drop 3 fps just because it's a rosewill case...

    on a more reasonable note, 6870 should be able to handle around 50 fps @ 1080p, give or take a few.
  3. You will probably be running a combination of medium and high settings. BF3 is very easy on the CPU, so that is not your weak spot. It will take your GPU and whip it like a mule, as it does with ALL video cards. Best advice I can give is to set the video to auto and enjoy. Once you feel comfortable with the settings it chose, you can try and creep some settings up. turn on VSync though. the game looks amazing at even medium. I would take high details and medium everything else if it was possible, which it probably will be for your card.
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