How well will my PC play Battlefield 3?

I would use "canyourunit" to check, but I have not yet installed the new graphics card (it is being delivered).

My specs:
Graphics Card: MSI GTX 560Ti Twin FrozR II 2GB DDR5
CPU: AMD Phenom II Hex Core OC 3.1Ghz
Memory: 11GB Kingston RAM
PSU: OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro

I am hoping that I will be able to run the game with >30FPS on Ultra Settings w/ 1920x1080 Full HD.

Can anyone please tell me how my system will do with running BF3?

If you have the same GPU, how well does it run BF3 with your system?

Thanks :D
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    should be able to give you 30 fps, worst case turn AA down a little and you'll have no problem. (personally I don't know why people need AA at 1080p res)
  2. i've got a 470, so probably similar, its fine, high on most settings.
  3. Turn on Vsync and set the video settings to AUTO. It does a good job of matching settings. Don't expect Ultra settings though. I run Auto and it puts everything on High with details on Ultra.
  4. ^ Random?
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