Question about AGP and new P4 MB

The old motherboard on my NT 4.0 system fried. I'm replacing it with a new P4 (400 FSB) that requires 1.5volt signalling (4X) on the AGP.

Now, when I put in the new MB and fire it up with the old NT boot drive, what do I need to do to ensure that the card will be running at 1.5volt 4X? I just got a new graphics card - ASUS V7100 Geforce2 MX 32Meg.

I figure on booting in safe mode (VGA mode), installing the new graphics drivers, then rebooting in 1024x768 mode.

Will the MB and the Graphics card figure this out or are there soft settings I will need to do? Anything in the BIOS?
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  1. You'll find the voltage settings, AGP aperture setting, and the AGP speed (1x, 2x, 4x) in the BIOS. You might have to adjust the settings from the BIOS defaults, although the voltage level for the AGP port is normally auto-detected correctly.

    I agree ... you should boot into Safe Mode. But at that point, I'd remove all traces of the old video card drivers. Reboot, and add the Standard VGA driver. Reboot again, and then install the new video card drivers. You might need to "upgrade" the VGA driver to the new SVGA driver for the card to be recognized correctly. Afterwards, you can set your resolution and refresh rate to whatever you prefer.

    This will keep any previous driver installations from interfering with the new video card drivers.

    Be sure that you have the correct power supply for a P4 mainboard. It must meet the ATX 2.03 standard and have the extra connectors for the board.

    You also may need to install the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver and the Intel Application Accelerator, in that sequence. I do not believe that the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility supports WinNT, which would normally be the first driver installed in other operating systems.


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