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I've been trying to find Intel hardware fan sites, but have had no luck. What I'd really like to find is the Intel equivalent of (which is a great site/forum for AMD systems).

Any suggestions?
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  1. Are we too biased for ya? Sorry...

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  2. No, not really. In fact I REALLY want an AMD system (price performance can't be beat), but it seems as though every AMD based forum I visit is full of "problems" (which I guess is what we should expect in a forum?<g>). As such, I have a bit of unsettled fear when considering an AMD system.

    0) I have zero desire to OC, and it seems as though the AMD systems are built to be OC'd. Maybe it is the OC'ers that "expose" these problems. And that there are few, if any, "issues" when not OC'ing.

    1) the whole CPU vs. heat thing thing that Tom has an artilce on scares me quite a bit. But I really don't expect CPU fans to "die", so this isn't much of an issue.

    2) I had my heart set on a VIA KT266A system, but the recent PCI bus bandwidth issue seems to be another nail in the coffen. I understand that this bandwidth is "rarely" used by the common user (though the SB Live issues might be related), but it still has me worried a bit. I can never seem to get true "facts" about VIA systems in any forum. Messages always seem to be filled with rumors and wild ass guessing. Again, this is a bit unsettleing.

    3) So, I dumped the VIA idea and went full force (pun intended) at researching a nForce system. Unfortunately, there is only one on the market right now, and the whole chipset seems to be quite immature at this time. Though, I believe it to be more "stable" and "reliable" than the VIA systems. If there were 3-4 vendors with nForce systems, maybe these "concerns" would disappear.

    As such, I want to follow a couple of Intel based forums for awhile to determine if they, too, have issues I should be aware of before I make a purchase. I don't expect to have the money for a new system until March/April (if at all) so I have plenty of time to find the "best" system for my money.
  3. If you want a perfectly dull system, then get a pentium 4 system from dell, compaq, etc. I'm sure it'll work just fine for you. But guess what; my supervisor just bought a dell pentium 3 system about 2 months ago, and the system freezes up on him after running 2 hours or so. He's not happy about it, but hesitates to send it back as he doesn't want to wait for a replacement. There are no fool-proof systems. I try to read the cpu and motherboard posts on 4 different forums every day, since I change motherboards at least twice a year. AMD,Sis, and via have good chipsets on their mobo's. And people with pentium 4 intel motherboards also have problems, mostly due to the complexity of many home built systems and having to learn how to deal with the newer operating systems from microsoft and linux. So keep reading these forums, and get someone to help you if you are building your first system.
  4. I want to build the system myself as the Dell/Compaq/Micron systems are at least $250-$400 more than the equivalent DIY models. While I did not build my last 4 boxes, I have no issues with building/supporting my own system. In fact, it seems like it would be fun.

    However, I don't want to build a system that crashes, dies, won't POST, etc.

    So, back to the thread's original subject...

    Any ideas where I can find Intel fan web sites?
  5. Anandtech, hardware central, and sharky extreme are the 3 other forums I read, but there are many more available. I don't consider this community strictly intel, but the others also have more posts from amd owners than intel. I think that reflects the fact that more people are choosing amd over intel to build their own systems rather than any bias towards intel.
  6. Probably the best platform for the AMD socket processor is the Iwill XP333 (and XP333-R with RAID). ALi MAGiK 1 Rev. C chipset, using this motherboard will garuntee that you have none of the issues related to VIA chipsets.

    If you really want an Intel system, I suggest an Asus TUSL2-C and a Celeron 1.2GHz CPU. Being the only Celeron with 256k cache, and a Tualatin, it's the only Celeron worth a look. I know you're not really looking at overclocking, but modifying this CPU to 1.65v core SHOULD allow it to hit 1600MHz at 133MHz FSB.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. yeah, I agree with Crashman. I have been looking at this mobo as well. It officially supports 166MHz bus and the 1:6 PCI ratio for running the bus at 200MHz (400MHz effective)!!

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  8. Are all celeron 1.2ghz cpus the 0.13 micron tualatin version? If it overcloced to 1600MHz at 133MHz FSB, would that mean only the cpu is oc'ed and not the pci and agp?

    Is it hard to do the modification? (more info please)
    I read some past posts and you said:
    I looked at the pin chart for Socket 370, assuming the Tualatin has a 1.45v core, it can be modified to 1.65v detected core by jumping VID2 to VSS. That should be enough power to make it boot at 1600. The next one-jump mod takes it to 1.85v by jumping only Vid3 to VSS, but I think that might be too high (the Tualatin is supposed to have over-voltage protection).

    and for hsf:
    I recommend the Evercool ND-8 because of it's medium profile and good cooling

    Would you reccommend any other m/b for overclocking this celeron (ddr ram based) or is this the board and any other hsf?

    Sorry for all the ???, but any answer would be apprieciated.

    <i>DMA - Doesn't Mean Anything :wink: </i>
  9. nope, if you OC the FSB, both the processor and the PCI bus would be affected...
    but, as AMD_Man had said, it had 1:6 divider ratio for the bus, so i won't think you'd have much probs with the FSB..
    correct me if i'm wrong

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  10. DDR is ineffective for the PIII/Celeron, and the i815 is a good chipset. The TUSL2 uses a new stepping of the i815 which adds Tualatin support.

    With most chipsets the 133MHz FSB does NOT overclock PCI or AGP, because new dividers are used for both. With the BX, 133 overclocks the AGP (to 89MHz) but NOT the PCI. The BX is actally still a top notch chipset, but the only way it will support the Tualatin is in the Powerleap iP3t adapter for Slot 1 boards.

    Wiring Vid2 to VSS is as easy as taking a fine wire and twisting it around two pins.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. Quote:
    yeah, I agree with Crashman. I have been looking at this mobo as well.<font color=red> It officially supports 166MHz bus</font color=red>

    <font color=red>Not according to this.[/red <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  12. Thanks.

    Just that the ddr m/b is cheaper, supports more ram and that i can probably use the ddr ram (even though a little more pricey) later down the road.

    I guess i dont need more than 512mb of ram.

    <font color=blue>Any other recommendations on cooling?</font color=blue>
    I want to buy from my local dealer and not on the net (unless i have too).

    Happy New Year! :smile:

    <i>DMA - Doesn't Mean Anything :wink: </i>
  13. Most reasonably large T-Bird coolers will work. Socket A and Socket 370 coolers are usually interchangeable, but the Socket A (T-bird/Duron) coolers tend to be larger with better fans.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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